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Tuesday, 23 January, 2018 WHAT IS ALMS

ALMS, Advanced Lead Management System, is a highly flexible, configurable and scalable lead management software that can handle virtually all aspects of your lead business. The software is developed and marketed by This is a high performnace and low maintenance system and leads are distributed real time. The system can be configured to distribute leads manually as well. ALMS can be deployed standalone or as a backend system for your corporate portal. The system is capable of managing and distributing leads in any industry. It allows you to do business the way you want.

You get everything you need in just one system:
Setup lead generation questionnaire easily
Autopilot capabilities for critical aspects of lead management
Automatically capture leads from the internet based on configurable criteria
Import leads from flat, CVS or excel file
Automatic real time lead distribution algorithm based on configurable criteria
Generate reports and sales statistics/analytics
Store leads and all user activities within the system
Take database backup with just a click
Communicate with prospects and your lead buyers easily
Manage disputes through configurable criteria
Capture user activities for security and audit purposes
Easy installation

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Following is a very simplistic view of the ALMS deployment architecture. The system can be deployed not only in an internet setup but also in an intranet environment. The details of the interactions among the actors of the system are not shown here. But there is a lot that can be achieved by the system. Any specific version of ALMS might not match the outlined architecture as shown below exactly, but this is rather an instance of the various deployment environments.

For example, the lead buyer, as shown in the diagram, is a retail customer in the standard version. But this lead buyer is actually a whole sale lead buyer in the professional version and in turn this entity can also distribute leads among its own retail lead buyers. There are some minor differences in functionalities among the various versions of ALMS. Please see the feature comparison chart below to pick the version that is most suitable for your particular business. We will be very happy to customize any version of ALMS to implement any unique feature to meet your specific business requirements.

ALMS Deployement Architecture
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The following diagram is the overview of the different functional modules of ALMS. All versions of ALMS have all the modules mentioned within the diagram. But functionalities within a module might differ or even might not exist depending on the version you purchase. Please see the feature comparison chart below to pick the version that is most suitable for your current business demand.

Some of the modules or functionalities within a module are advanced and not included within any version of ALMS. These are mentioned within the overview diagram just as a place holder and see how they fit within the overall system design. We support all sorts of customization on any version of ALMS to help you achieve your business goals.

ALMS Deployement Architecture
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ALMS comes in following 3 flavours. Depending on your business needs you will find one of the flavour is just right for you. As you go higher up the complexities and functionality increase many folds and they serve more demanding business needs.

 Product Feature Description Standard Professional
 Customer Account Creation
 Auto Approve Account Creation
 Self-care Account maintenance
 Self-care Manage Leads
 Self-care email center
 Self-care balance management
 Multi-country balance management - Admin Control
 Pause lead distribution temporarily
 Pause All Accounts temporarily
 Lead Generation Questionnaire Setup
 Test Lead Generation Tool
 Auto Approve All leads
 Blocking leads from same IP
 Rule based lead entry from same email/IP
 Manual Lead Distribution
 Automatic Lead Distribution
 Email Templates for Leads - Admin Control
 Batch Entry for leads
 Profile configuration for batch entry leads
 Manage leads - view/modify
 Email to prospects/lead buyers from lead view
 Email Center
 Advanced emailing criteria configuration
 Report Generation - many with different time duration
 Admin Self Account Management
 Supporting Different Categories of leads
 Customize ALMS menus
 database Backup Facility
 Questionnaire Setup for multiple lead types
 Reports for Dispute items
 Reports for multiple lead types
 Dispute Management
 Automatic Dispute Management
 Censor Board
 Retail business model deployment
 Whole sale business model deployment

 Price Comparison (in USD) 899.00 1499.00

 Purchase Option


ALMS can run on web servers supporting the following technologies. Our free installation support is based on the following system requirements on a standalone website.

  PHP 4.0 and above
  MySQL 4.0 and above
  Must be JavaScript enabled
  Must support cookie


The following items are included in all the ALMS packages. As installation is very easy, you can simply follow the step by step installation instructions and setup the system in no time. If you do face any difficulty during the installation process, we will be very happy to help you on that. We do not charge anything for the standard installion.

Included  Description  Special Value/Note
 Complete Software with standard license
 Free Standard Installation on a standalone website.  $100.00 Value
 30 days free product supports  $300.00 Value
 10 Hours of free customizations work  $400.00 Value
 30 day money back guarantee  Total Satisfaction


  We highly recommend that you also purchase our annual maintenance support for your ALMS package. Please Contact US for a very competitive pricing for this service.

  We also provide all kinds of customization and system integration with internal and external interfaces at a very low rate of $40/hour. We also specialize in developing dynamic websites. Visit our company website at for a complete list of services we provide.


We accept credit card and paypal payments. When you click the appropriate payment button below it will take you to the paypal payment gateway. You do not need a paypal id if you want to make a credit card payment. Just select the option without the paypal id in the next screen.

 ALMS Version Price (in USD) Payment Method
 ALMS - Standard 899.00
 ALMS - Professional 1499.00

For any question or comments please call us toll free at 1-877-227-7860 or send us an email through Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Once we receive the payment our installation team will contact you for installing the software. You have the option to install the software by yourself if you desire so. Normally we would do the standard installaion free of charge.

Please provide your contact information while making the payment so that our engineers can get in touch with you for completing the installation.


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